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Ash’s Guide to Be Raid Ready for Ny’alotha

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Tired of being a bit behind the curve? Of finding out six weeks into a patch or raid that you have missed six weeks of opportunities to become stronger, both for yourself and the raid team?

With 8.3 and the Ny’alotha raid 4-6 weeks away, here is my guide for getting raid ready BEFORE the patch and what to start doing right from WEEK 1 of 8.3. Ready… set… raid!


#1 Get your neck to 70! As soon as the patch hits, AP will matter again for about 6-8 weeks. You want to start working that neck to 75 from the very first day of the patch… the faster you get to 75, the faster you and the raid will power up with a third minor essence slot! Once you get to 75, the important AP grind ends for the whole expansion… don’t delay this. Everyone should be at 75 by the time we transition from Heroic to Mythic raiding.

#2 Get TWO Paragon chests for each reputation. Don’t turn them in! Blizzard allows you to reach 20K reputation (or two chests) before you actually max out. The default Blizzard UI only shows 10K, but you can get the Paragon Reputation plugin if you want to see the actual 20k. This will allow you to turn in two chests per reputation the morning that 8.3 launches and get a nice head start with ~45k AP and a healthy chunk of War Resources (as mission quests will become valuable again). Or, you could turn one in to bring your rep down to 10K and hold the other one for a future week where the AP catch-up system is more favorable to the turn in.

#3  Find backup pieces (if you don’t yet have them) for the Benthic gear that you are using in Eternal Palace (EP). Once we leave EP, these pieces will be pretty lackluster.

#4 Get Purification Protocol Rank 3 off Mechangon vendor. Most content in Ny’alotha will involve aberrations, so this trinket will be extremely important to have in 8.3. On Jan 14, the requirement for this will drop from Exalted to Revered, but there will still be a materials cost. Please have this ready before our first raid on January 22.

#5 If you are a crafter, be sure and have a stock of Expulsom for the new craftable gear. A number of you will be able to get solid 440 pieces in the first two weeks of 8.3 before the raid opens. After raid opens and you get materials off Heroic, you can upgrade them to 460… and then eventually to 470 with materials collected off Mythic kills. Check Wowhead and put together the materials in advance as they are much cheaper now than they will be later when everyone is pursuing better gear – have a plan.

#6 Two weeks before 8.3 comes out, complete your Island Expedition quest, turn it in, and HOLD The treasure map in your bag. Then, the week before 8.3 comes out, right-click the map in your bag 1-2 days before the patch launches and leave the quest on your mission table (has to be sent within 3 days.) You won’t send out this quest until patch day — the key here is that you have gotten that treasure map out of your bag so you can get another one! Next, do your Island Expedition quest again for the current week and collect the new treasure map – leave it in your bag. On day 1 of 8.3, send off the mission that is available from your mission table (if it is for AP or Residuum.) Once it is complete (~2 days), right-click your second map and send that quest off. Then you can do Island Expeditions the first week of 8.3 and get even another treasure map quest… hopefully you walk away some AP and residuum.

#7 Make sure you have 5 roll tokens the week before 8.3 launches. This way you can roll two tokens in two Mythic + dungeons that hold strong gear for you. For example, the crit/haste ring that I want from Freehold will now be 465 (higher than Heroic Nyalotha)… I could get that before the raid even launches! So, have 5 tokens pre 8.3 … roll two in week one… buy two more… roll two more in week 2… buy two more. Go into week three and the raid with 5 ready to go.

#8 Do the highest possible key in the weeks before 8.3 comes out. Blizz will likely reduce your first 8.3 key down a bit… so a level 15 key will likely be an 11 or 12. If you come into 8.3 with a 15 or higher key (by completing a 20 in the last week of 8.2), you will receive a 475 piece of gear in your first M+ chest in week two. I realize most of us will not be able to secure a key that high but do your best to focus on M+ in the weeks leading up to the new patch to drive your key higher and higher.

#9 If you have not completed the War Campaign (somehow), be sure and do that with urgency. You will not be able to get the new legendary cloak w/o finishing it.

#10 Stock up on herbs now... they will be in big demand when the new alchemy trinkets and Vantus Runes come out. Have one of our alchemists make you at least a month’s worth of potions (for raid) and flasks (for M+) so that you are not punished by price hikes in the first few weeks of the patch!

#11 Get your reputations to Exalted. If you have any reps that are not exalted yet, you have a 15% reputation buff through Jan 7 as part of Blizz’s 15th-anniversary package (click the W badge you received via in-game mail.)

When 8.3 Launches

#1 Turn in your paragons, collect your goods from the existing treasure map mission and send off your second treasure map quest to get your AP boost and possibly Residuum. Then do your islands for the first week.

#2 Your top priority each week must be upgrading your legendary cloak. A week missed is a week that you will be delayed in being able to use more corrupted items, which will help you and the raid become more powerful. Fully upgrading the cloak will take ~15 weeks, but really week 11 is the most important to reach. The commitment to upgrade the cloak is about an hour a week; those who want to enter a Horrific Vision more than just once to upgrade their cloak can earn enough each week to enter up to 3 times. Mythic invites will take into account your cloak level as a raider with an upgraded cloak will be stronger than someone with a lower cloak level. Why? Every few cloak levels, you get a significant bump in Corruption Resistance. If you do it each week, you hit those thresholds faster and become more powerful faster.

There are some early guides on how to upgrade the cloak… we will post another guide closer to 8.3 as things are still changing on the PTR. The gist is that you will be able to enter an N’zoth Assault once per week in either Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossoms for 10,000 Coalescing Visions. Pick up the quest outside the assault. Inside, you will be killing and looting bad guys for small amounts of Coalescing Visions… you can also get these from world quests and other content. You then turn in 1k of these to get the token to enter a Horrific Vision. This, for most people, will be done once per week and this is where you upgrade your cloak. While you can push yourself to go all over the Vision of Orgrimar killing things to get more stuff in your chest, you will NOT want to do this in the early weeks as the cloak upgrade can only be obtained by defeating Thrall. If you get distracted killing minibosses and other adds, your sanity meter will run out and you will be kicked out of the Vision. Opportunity lost and you may have to wait for next week — DON’T DO THIS. All that matters is upgrading your cloak.

It is possible to get three Horrific Vision tokens (30k Coalescing Visions) each week. Use your first one to go straight to Thrall, defeat him, and guarantee your cloak upgrade. Then, if you are putting in the effort to get a second or third one, use them to have fun and push as far as possible in the Vision to get more chests and more rewards. The key here is NEVER put your guarantee to upgrade the cloak at risk.

For example, by week 10 we will have Mythic 1-3 bosses down and we will have just cleared all 12 bosses on Heroic. The hard push into Mythic progression begins week 11, which just so happens to be the same week that you will have 80 Corruption Resistance if you do your cloak upgrade each and every week. Consider that average tier 3 pieces have 20-35 Corruption… so you could equip 2-3 of these strong pieces and have NO (or very little) negative corruption effects. Or you could equip one of the weapons with 85 Corruption and only have 5 Corruption to deal with ( a minor slow). TLDR: If you ignore upgrading your cloak, you will be significantly weaker than your raid team peers.

#3 In your spare time, complete your Essence collection. Requirements for many of the essences have been reduced… some greatly. Pick them up when you can.

It may seem like 8.3. is going to be very grind-heavy. It is not. As Preach has mentioned a few times, getting your cloak upgraded and doing the emissary quests that give AP will be your top priority and doing this might take 90 minutes to 2 hours outside of raid each week. Doing your islands is advisable to help you get to 75 on your neck faster, but it’s not mandatory. Those of you with busy schedules should not be afraid of 8.3; it is, by all accounts, much less grind-heavy or more alt friendly than the rest of BFA has been.

**Will add more here as details become available**

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