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Resonance raid roster finalized for Shadowlands

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With today's announcement that Shadowlands will launch on Tuesday, October 27, we are excited to release our raid roster for Castle Nathria and beyond.
Resonance Kills Mythic Carapace

Resonance breaches Carapace, reaching 11/12 Mythic

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In just 5.5 raid nights, Resonance has breached the Carapace! Congrats team on this pretty epic achievement... now the real climb begins. On to N'zoth...
Ilgynoth Mythic Kill by Resonance

Resonance reaches 10/12 Mythic w/ Il’gynoth kill!

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In record time and well ahead of schedule, Resonance has pushed Il'gynoth back inside his hole... and buried him. On to Mythic Carapace!
Resonance Area 52

Resonance Statement on Sexual Aggression in WoW Community

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We are all saddened and frustrated to hear about the sexual misconduct by JoshPriest of Method and by Bay of FinalBoss TV. What is just as frustrating is Method's management’s “turn a blind eye" approach to the misconduct. They should have known better.They should have acted with integrity. For anyone...
Drestageth Mythic Kill Resonance

Drest’ageth gone flaccid!

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After two weeks of fresh clears, we got back to progression. Congrats team on taking down Mythic Drest'ageth, bringing the team to 9/12M! On to Ilgynoth...
Mythic Raden Kill by Resonance

Ra-Den has been grounded!

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With just 4.5 nights of work, Ra-Den's charge has lost its sizzle. Congrats raid team on 8 of 12 Mythic!