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Resonance Vexiona Mythic Kill

Resonance leaves Vexiona… Breathless!

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Resonance reaches 7/12 Mythic with Vexiona's demise. On to Ra-Den!

Resonance scores on Mythic Xanesh!

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After two weeks of re-clears, we started back on Mythic progression... thanks to an extraordinary amount of preparation, we nearly got her down on our first night w/o food, flasks, or pre-pots. The ball got across the finish line on night two, with just seven pulls in! Congrats team!
Resonance extinguishes Mythic Hivemind

Resonance exterminates Mythic Hivemind!

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Outpacing our goal, Resonance reached 5/12 Mythic on April 2, 2020. Congrats to the raiding team... now on to Xanesh!
Shadhar Put Down!

Shadhar had to be put down (4/12)

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No more tasty morsels! The big baddie had to put down... and we obliged on March 19, 2020. Resonance now stands ar 4/12 Mythic. #progress
Resonance Guild Stormrage

Happy Holidays, Resonance!

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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Azeroth, Not a creature was stirring, not even a moth; Shy's stockings were hung by the inn's chimney with care, In hopes they'd be dry before she forgot they were there; The hunters -- Fail, Shalon, and Selene -- were nestled all...

Ash’s Guide to Be Raid Ready for Ny’alotha

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Tired of being a bit behind the curve? Of finding out six weeks into a patch or raid that you have missed six weeks of opportunities to become stronger, both for yourself and the raid team? With 8.3 and the Ny'alotha raid 4-6 weeks away, here is my guide for...