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Mythic Core Requirements: The Cutting Edge Push Begins

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As you all know, we originally set our sights on achieving CE this tier as a guild. It is not our be all and end all, and we care a lot about how we get there. After speaking with literally every raider on our roster over the last 3 days,...
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Raider Guide for first two weeks

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Starting a new expansion can be as overwhelming as it can be exciting. We are hoping this guide will be helpful in laying out a roadmap to get your primary raiding character(s) ready to raid during the first two weeks. It is our plan to frontload gear as much as...
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Resonance Raid Teams for first four weeks

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You all have voted and overwhelmingly expressed your support for two raid teams for the first four official weeks of raiding in Castle Nathria.
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Promotion Time!

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We have another round of exciting announcements for our transition into Shadowlands. #1 We <3 Our Veterans Since Ny'alotha was a long raid tier (about 1.5x the length of a typical raid) and with the downtime/ transition time that comes with a new expansion, the officers have voted and decided...
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Choosing Professions for Shadowlands

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We are asking that all raiders contribute materials to the massive amount of crafting the team needs to do before Castle Nathria launches. Between October 27 and November 9, we will need to acquire tons of materials. This includes hundreds of: Shrouded Cloth Lightless Silk Desolate Leather Desolate Hide Pallid...
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For The Horde!

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Raiding in Battle for Azeroth has come to an end - congratulations team on 11/12 Mythic and a valiant effort on N'zoth! We will now begin our full transition to Area 52. A few things to note: #1 We are asking all raiders to be transferred over within two weeks....