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Earning your spot on the Mythic Raid Team

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We know that there is a lot of excitement around raiding in Shadowlands, and we’re thrilled to have a full roster of 30 for the Heroic Raid Team with three on the waitlist. As we did in 8.3, we plan to start Mythic as soon as we get our first Heroic kill on the end boss (Sire Denathrius.) Reclears of Heroic will move to optional Tuesday night raids led by Ash for four more weeks. Blue may then choose to lead optional Heroics beginning in week 9 as he did in 8.3 — though no pressure, Blue.

We expect to see our first Mythic boss by week four. We will use the first four weeks to evaluate which 25 raiders will go on to the Mythic Core team. Those who wish to Mythic raid and do not make the core team of 25 will become Mythic Reserve raiders and will be given the opportunity to try out for an open spot when one becomes available. Mythic Reserve raiders may also be brought in for farm bosses if there is space. We also expect that there will also be a couple of folks who just want to continue Heroic raiding after we transition, which is terrific.

How will raiders be evaluated in determining the Mythic Raid Team?

To qualify for the Mythic team, a raider must complete four Mythic + keys at a reasonable key level for the first four weeks of each new Mythic + season. This is essential towards gearing up earlier in the tier. Four dungeons are required to get two choices from the Mythic+ loot table in your weekly chest. While this requirement is just for the first four weeks of each Mythic+ season, we encourage all heroic and mythic raiders to continue to participate. Mythic + makes us better raiders!

Once the Mythic+ condition has been met, eligible raiders will be evaluated in four categories. The top 25 point earners will form the Mythic Core team.

Effectiveness (30 Points): An effective raider has strong survivability and competitive throughput. A raider with high throughput that consistently dies to mechanics is, ultimately, not an asset to the team. Conversely, a raider with strong survivability but low throughput will fail to help the team push through DPS walls during progression. Effective raiders balance mechanics/survivability with competitive throughput.

Preparedness (30 Points): A prepared raider studies materials provided by the raid leader to help advance progression and reduce “teaching moments.” A prepared raider stays up-to-date on and uses best-performing builds for each raid boss. A prepared raider logs on for raid with appropriate food, throughput/regen potions, weapon oils or sharpening stones, health potions… and uses them.

Team Spirit (20 Points): A raider that has team spirit brings a good attitude, follows directions and shows respect to fellow raiders, is flexible and helpful during raids, attends guild events when possible, and contributes to the guild in some way outside of raiding.

Attendance (20 Points)

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