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Raiding in Battle for Azeroth has come to an end – congratulations team on 11/12 Mythic and a valiant effort on N’zoth! We will now begin our full transition to Area 52. A few things to note:

#1 We are asking all raiders to be transferred over within two weeks. If you previously signed up to raid in BFA and will not be joining us, we ask that you let us know right away. Anyone not transferred over within two weeks who hasn’t made other arrangements with the officers will lose priority for a raid position. We have people on the bench eager to join the raid team and we need to nail that down by the time pre-patch launches.

#2 The guild will be transferred between Saturday and Sunday evening. If you have more than 1M gold and would like to temporarily store your gold in the bank, deposit it and send Ash a message on Discord with the amount you put in.

#3 If you need financial assistance for the transfer, click here. Note that support will only be provided for the toon you signed up to raid with and only for those experiencing financial hardship.

#4  A copy of our guild will be left on Stormrage for alts, etc. So the toons you are not moving over will not be left homeless.

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