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Published: Category:Guild NewsWritten by: Resonance
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Azeroth,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a moth;
Shy’s stockings were hung by the inn’s chimney with care,
In hopes they’d be dry before she forgot they were there;
The hunters — Fail, Shalon, and Selene — were nestled all snug in their beds,
While silly visions of topping the meters danced in their heads;

Sonne considered a final plea to Santa to give him endless bag space,
As he sorted his twelve Santa hats back in their place;

Outside stood a wild Darkraze practicing his rotation,
Hopeful he could reclaim his glory with Kala on vacation;

Inside at the bar, Amil and Worg rolled some dice,
To see who would be the ‘closet bitch’ and to plan their next sacrifice;

In the corner stood Urona holding Kala’s framed picture,
In the other hand, he considers a mysterious green tincture;

Adalevia mans the bar, noting this and every other odd thing,
And entertains himself with dreams of naughty elves and whips that sting;
Hartpocket leaves the other druids guarding the doors,
To reset his Discord and get on all fours;
Fou scans the room counting the non-elves,
And shouts at the room “you are only hurting yourselves”;
Sav jerks awake, sweaty and red-faced,
And yells “Fuck you, Tol Dagor” with rage and distaste;
Deja shouts aloud “I must go light the fire…”,
“Tell the boss to fucking wait, let the timer expire”;
Solurias takes a deep inhale and gets straight to his work,
Second-guessing Ash’s strategies, all with a smirk;
A wink of their eyes and a twist of their heads,
Muanto and Fleaz let Ash know he has nothing to dread;

Vontart, a bit drunk, hears someone say “raid night”,
He jumps to attention and texts Ash “balls” to get an invite;

Helseth sits on the roof, frozen and blue,
Singing ‘Frosty the Yeti’ clutching his brew;

Nihz makes his list and checks it twice,
Making sure Ash is interpreting everything right.

Sommers, Ruhmy, Chilly and Dank wait ready to raid and explore,
No need for sleep… bring Ny’alotha and more;

Many other friends and family sit ’round the fire,
Roasting chestnuts and telling stories to admire;

Sick isn’t here, but as he uber’d out of sight, we heard…
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night”;

Ash has been sipping a fine whiskey, admiring this crew,
Thankful to all who have helped as we grew;

Twas the night before Xmas, and all through Azeroth,
We’re all f’n stirring to take on N’zoth!

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