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Introducing… Resonance’s Heroic Raid Team

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After much deliberation, we’ve decided to build out a second raid team! Mark your calendars… our Heroic Raid Team starts their adventure on Tuesday, February 9th at 8:15pm Eastern/Server.

Heroic Raid Team Leadership and Members

It will be led primarily by @Amillistina#6878. @Sickntwisted#3631 and @Campbell#2055 have also volunteered as tribute to provide some leadership on this team if necessary. So far, we have heard from the following folks that they are interested in being a part of this team: Shy, Såkhmet, Jax, Sick, Amil, Shaszy, Doxo, Solgamod, Deja, Helsath, and, one new face: Pants!

Why a new team?

The intention of this team is to support a larger set of our community in getting to clear raid content with the people that have built this guild.

When will this team raid?

Based on the responses from the form I sent out, it seems like most folks have availability on **Tuesdays, 8:15-11:30pm Eastern**. So the commitment for this team is only 1 day a week, 3 hours of raiding.

What should I expect out of being a Heroic Raider?

The primary goal of this team is to offer a more inclusive raid progression experience that focuses on community and team spirit with less intense performance requirements than the Mythic Raid team. The immediate tangible goal of this team is to achieve AOTC by the end of the tier on a 1 night raid schedule. Ultimately, it will be up to this team to decide what other kinds of content they would like to participate in throughout the tier. Some options will include: Timewalking raids or early Mythic progression (if we can muster the necessary 20 folks).

What is expected of me to be a Heroic Raider?

  • 90%+ Attendance (life happens, but please be respectful of your guildies’ time).
  • Respectful attitude during raid night
  • Preparation that reflects consideration for your team members

What happens to Saturday Raids?

We’re not 100% sure yet and it will be largely up to the guild to decide what we want to do. Some options for Saturday: Alt runs (end bosses on Normal/Heroic), RBGs, M+, etc. For now, we’ll most likely keep offering Saturday raids at least until the Heroic team begins their first raid week on Tuesday, February 9th.

How does this team interact with the Mythic team?

  1. Mythic Raid team members are welcome to attend these raids and activities
  2. The Heroic Raid Team can serve as a “proving grounds” / reserve if players are interested in advancing to the mythic core team (both for existing guildies and likely for Mythic Core trial players).
    1. The Mythic Raid team will NOT “snipe/poach” players from the second team. The only time a player from the second team will join the Mythic Raid team will be if it is clear that both the individual player and the Heroic Raid Team’s leadership are aware and okay with that player moving up (temporarily or permanently).
  3. Respect! At the end of the day, this entire community exists to support each other in having fun with like-minded people. Whether it’s Mythic raiding, Heroic raiding, PVP, M+, or Naked Runs, all Resonance guild members deserve to be treated with respect. Particularly, if Mythic Raiders are participating in Heroic raid nights, it is important to remember that you are a guest on those raid nights, and should act accordingly.

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