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Mythic Core Requirements: The Cutting Edge Push Begins

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As you all know, we originally set our sights on achieving CE this tier as a guild. It is not our be all and end all, and we care a lot about how we get there. After speaking with literally every raider on our roster over the last 3 days, the wide majority of folks do want to make this a real goal and want to push for it; this requires a mentality shift from what we’ve done previously. If we want to progress to the next level, every raider needs to start thinking of raid night as “game day”. Your practice should come outside of progression raid nights in some way, whether that’s studying the fights, studying guides for your rotation/class, doing M+, doing PVP, or pugging raid kills. Laying it out honestly, last tier we made great progress, but we were not a CE team. We had about half the mythic bosses down in the time allotted for a normal patch (4-5 months), and corruption gave us a pretty hefty advantage. That being said, we are at a crossroads. I reached out to all of our currently active raiders (core, bubble, and reserve) to get feedback on the direction that we want to move.
Overwhelmingly, the message was: “I want to do challenging content with skilled and nice people, and progress at a reasonable rate; if I’ve mastered something and we’re still stuck because a subset of players are consistently making avoidable mistakes or underperforming, that is frustrating and demotivating”.

We (and you all) put a lot of effort into supporting our guildies and into making sure that we are prepared for raid. We have the strongest raid team individually that we’ve ever had. But we need to calibrate our expectations now that the dust has settled after the first few weeks of progression.

Mythic Core Minimum Requirements

At this point in the tier, anyone that expects to progress with the core team must meet the following requirements:
  • At least two upgrade options from your Great Vault outside of raid: 4 M+ dungeons at level 10 or higher OR honor farm with combat rating above 1600
  • Weekly Torghast
  • Max renown
  • 30%+ Average Parses on Progression Kills
  • 50%+ Average Parse for Best Pulls
  • Avoidable Death on <10% of pulls
  • 90%+ attendance

Do not over-rely on M+ Mondays to complete this requirement.

Coordinate with teammates throughout the week. Ping them directly in the #mythic-plus or #pvp channels. We have a lot of great, friendly players that are regularly pushing content. Learn from them and make us all stronger as a team. For those of you whose best gear comes from PVP (myself included), we expect you to be picking a category (2s, 3s, RBGs) and pushing it to at least 1600. These requirements are not arbitrary; they provide ways for you to get gear and practice outside of raid so that you’re able to show up at your best on raid nights.

We will prioritize promoting from within the guild rather than looking elsewhere whenever possible.

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