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BFA Mythic + Dungeons
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A major takeaway for us from Legion: Mythic+ dungeons make us better raiders. It requires thorough consideration and use of one’s entire toolkit, a well-honed strategy that is developed through repetition and collaboration, and strong communication. To encourage more of our raiders and guild members to take on the challenge, we’re making it more rewarding. In addition to the epic loot, weekly bonus chest, and azerite power, our officers are sweetening the pot.

How to Participate

Mythic+ teams can be formed at any time by anyone. Qualifying for Mythic+ Rewards, however, has some criteria your team must meet. Please review the requirements to the right. When you’re ready, assemble your team and conquer.

Qualification Rules

  1. All five members of your group must be Resonance raid team members to qualify for rewards.
  2. Rewards are available only to those who are Resonance raid team members for at least 60 days.
  3. You may be on as many teams as you like, but only one reward per reward level (15, 20, 25) is available per person per season.

Mythic + 15

(within timer)

Select a pet or helm (up to $15) from the Blizzard Shop and receive a Resonance In-Game Supplies Chest.

Resonance Mythic +

Mythic + 20

(within timer)

Select a mount (up to $30) from the Blizzard Shop and receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Mythic+ 20 Resonance Rewards

Mythic + 25

(within timer)

Receive three months of WoW game time, a $100 Amazon gift card, and a Resonance In-Game Supply Chest.

Mythic+ 25 Resonance Rewards