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Happy Holidays, Resonance!

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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Azeroth, Not a creature was stirring, not even a moth; Shy's stockings were hung by the inn's chimney with care, In hopes they'd be dry before she forgot they were there; The hunters -- Fail, Shalon, and Selene -- were nestled all...

Ash’s Guide to Be Raid Ready for Ny’alotha

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Tired of being a bit behind the curve? Of finding out six weeks into a patch or raid that you have missed six weeks of opportunities to become stronger, both for yourself and the raid team? With 8.3 and the Ny'alotha raid 4-6 weeks away, here is my guide for...
Ashvane downed by Resonance on Stormrage

Mythic Ashvane Falls #ByeBitch

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Congrats team on a hard-earned victory over one of the hardest mythic fights in WoW history (right up there with Mythic Gorefiend.) Fights like this make us better players and better raiders, testing our ability to be optimal in our roles while also positioning smartly and reacting quickly to our...

Transmog Competition Winners and Runners Up

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What we learned in Uldir

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We went into Uldir strong and with a great deal of excitement. I would wager that most of our team feel Uldir was a pretty impressive first raid. Elevators and lasers, disinfecting chambers, and one of the best end bosses for a first raid we have seen in a while:...
Resonance vanquishes Ghuun Heroic

Blood God G’huun… bloodied.

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G'huun, the Blood God, has been vanquished on Heroic!