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Tol Dagor

Mythic + Guide: TOL DAGOR

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Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage Skip the entire beginning by going to the left and following the water (if a DK, Path of Frost) and grabbing the Silt Crabs as a group. Rotate stuns. Kill Parasites as they roam a lot. After Sand Queen, kill Parasites and head north...
Atal Dazar Guide

Mythic + Guide: ATAL DAZAR

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This is ONE WAYof many ways to make your way through this dungeon and will be updated as we experience the dungeon more on LIVE and discover better strategies or pathing. Please post suggestions and missing information using the comments option below. Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage Go to...
Anduin Cinematic Barrier

Utility by Class: BFA Edition

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Below is a quick guide that may help you in putting together your Mythic + teams or just generally to better understand the utility that your fellow party or raid members bring. Note that this is not meant to capture all the cool things you can do, but to present...
Resonance Guild News

Announcing Mythic + Rewards

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A major takeaway for us from Legion: Mythic+ dungeons make us better raiders. It requires thorough consideration and use of one's entire toolkit, a well-honed strategy that is developed through repetition and collaboration, and strong communication. To encourage more of our raiders and guild members to take on the challenge,...
Resonance Guild Stormrage

Raid Team Email – June 2018

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Hello Resonance Family — I hope you are having an amazing summer … and, if not, have no fear: Battle for Azeroth is almost here to give you new LIFE! In the meantime, there’s a lot to update you on… Pre-BFA Reunion Raids We will be having three reunion raids...
Sylvanas Windrunner

Welcome to Resonance Online!

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Welcome to the fancy new Resonance website. We believe the site tells an honest story of who we are as a guild and raid team. It is our hope that you resonate with what you read on the site and want to be a part of our WoW community, either...