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Tired of playing the field and hopping from one team to another? We have talented raiders, a positive vibe, and a well-prepared raid leader. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a mature, friendly Heroic/Mythic raid team, let’s get to know one another. We raid just two nights a week: Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 – 11:30 pm server/est.

We are currently recruiting: ALL skilled, dedicated players who have read and appreciate the bonus reading on our raiding page should apply.

Why Resonance?

Resonance Guild

We’re a diverse, adult guild. Our members generally range in age from 25-55, bringing added maturity, patience, and friendliness to the community.

Resonance Guild

We get sh#t done. We may never be a top 100 raiding guild as we only raid 2 nights per week, but we progress quite efficiently and complete every raiding tier in good time.

Resonance Guild

We incentivize teamwork. Raid with us for a year and earn bonus perks with your Veteran rank. Love Mythic+? Earn rewards as you complete + 15, 20, and 25 keys.

Friendly Progression

We believe in progression and have years of experience successfully completing encounters without resorting to shaming, belittling, or raging. If you’re talented and looking for a long-term relationship with a friendly and collaborative raid team, Resonance might be right for you.

Mythic + Rewards

We believe in Mythic + at Resonance. Not only does it help build friendships and a sense of community, it also helps our members become better raiders. We believe in it so much that we reward you and your team members when you reach certain thresholds.

Friends & Family

Our community respects diversity and that includes how you want to play the game. While most have come to Resonance for raids and dungeons, friends and family members have a home here as well. If you share our values, you are welcome at Resonance.


Shrine of the Storm


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Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage CC Templar (his aura reduces damage on nearby mobs by 75% except other Templars) and grab all other adds and burn. Face Templar away and sidestep...

Mythic + Guide: UNDERROT

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Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage Move to right, avoid ticks on left, interrupt Fetid Maggot cast - avoid its spew. Focus patrolling Chosen Blood Matron (try and take in...
Waycrest Manor Guide

Mythic + Guide: WAYCREST MANOR

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Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage Like Arcway, there will be different paths available. One path will take you to Raal (right door), and the other two to Sisters (left...
Tol Dagor

Mythic + Guide: TOL DAGOR

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Pathing, Important Trash & Enemy Percentage Skip the entire beginning by going to the left and following the water (if a DK, Path of Frost) and grabbing the Silt Crabs...
Atal Dazar Guide

Mythic + Guide: ATAL DAZAR

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This is ONE WAYof many ways to make your way through this dungeon and will be updated as we experience the dungeon more on LIVE and discover better strategies or...
Anduin Cinematic Barrier

Utility by Class: BFA Edition

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Below is a quick guide that may help you in putting together your Mythic + teams or just generally to better understand the utility that your fellow party or raid...