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Choosing Professions for Shadowlands

Shadowlands Professions
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We are asking that all raiders contribute materials to the massive amount of crafting the team needs to do before Castle Nathria launches. Between October 27 and November 9, we will need to acquire tons of materials. This includes hundreds of:

Shrouded Cloth
Lightless Silk
Desolate Leather
Desolate Hide
Pallid Bone
Ore (All Types) – need a ton for crafting and JC!
Soul Dust
Orboreal Shards

But the big headline is: We will need to acquire 15,000 Herbs over the first two weeks! This will cover Inscription trinkets for everyone in the raid and two weeks of cauldrons and Vantus Runes.

For most, the answer cannot be just to go buy the herbs as prices will be hugely inflated at the beginning of the expansion. The better solution is that each and every raider has at least one toon that levels with herbalism and that makes the acquiring of herbs a priority as they play the game. During the first two-week period, we need to accrue roughly 500 herbs per raider.

Thereafter, that number drops to 1,400 per week. Herbs and other resources should be deposited into the bottom two “Deposit Mats” bank tabs.

In some good news, each covenant has a passive way to be rewarded with random bags of herbs, soul dust, cloth, fish, meat, and ore. If you use the soul-bind with these benefits, you will passively accrue hundreds of needed resources in future weeks once you have enough Renown to unlock them. The soul-bind for each covenant…

Kyrian > Pelagos > Cleaned Vestments (cloth, soul dust)
Necrolord > Bonesmith Heirmir > Bonesmith’s Satchel (ore and gems)
Venthyr > Niya > Nature’s Splendor (leather, meat, and fish)
Night Fae > Theotar > Exquisite Ingredients (herbs/potions)

We will have designated guild crafters as shown below. All the mats you deposit will be funneled to them and they will be responsible for working with the officers to create and distribute gear and to get the team ready to raid.

Scribe: Ash
Jewelcrafter: Ada
Tailor: Deja
Leatherworker: Antril
Alchemist #1: Sick
Alchemist #2: Muanto
Blacksmith: Sham/ Creigor
Enchanter: Ada/ Ash/ Dark
Alchemist #3: Antril
Alchemist #4: Blue

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