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We have another round of exciting announcements for our transition into Shadowlands.

#1 We <3 Our Veterans
Since Ny’alotha was a long raid tier (about 1.5x the length of a typical raid) and with the downtime/ transition time that comes with a new expansion, the officers have voted and decided that all raiders who started with us at the beginning of Ny’alotha should be recognized as Veteran Raiders. This includes:


Our next batch of Veteran Raiders (at end of Castle Nathria):

Veteran raiders receive double the gold repair allowance and a generous cap on the price of BoE raid drops.

#2 Promotions

The officers have decided to promote Cloud to our officer corps. Cloud, aka Dank or “Clank” for short, will officially be responsible for working with Ash to assign healing CDs and determine which healers will be in on which encounters when we reach Mythic progression. As you all know, we do not add officers lightly. We feel Dank is a meaningful addition to the officer corps and is committed to the long-term health and stability of the guild.

Congrats Cloud and thanks for stepping up to help steer this ship into the best ports with the hottest people and the best ale… yeah, cuz that’s what we are here for!

But with Cloud being the fourth officer, what happens should there be a 2-2 vote? Aha, a solution!

We are also happy to announce that Bhakis (aka Sugar Daddy) will have a non-voting Officer Emeritus role in the guild. Not only will he help bankroll us ($$), but he will also be our tie-breaking vote should the officers be split on a decision.

Thank you everyone for all that you are doing to make Resonance a safe, friendly space to experience content progression and develop friendships. It takes a village!

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