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Resonance Raid Teams for first four weeks

Castle Nathria Resonance Raiding
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You all have voted and overwhelmingly expressed your support for two raid teams for the first four official weeks of raiding in Castle Nathria. While this approach will require more of the officer corps and a few others who will raid both teams, it will importantly guarantee that all of our raiders are able to raid and will keep each team at a more manageable raid size to avoid scaling issues.

Based on your response to our survey, we have split the team as follows below. Each team has all the necessary buffs, strong healers and tanks, and roughly an equal number of raiders. As expected, the Saturday team has fewer people on it but please do not consider that a weakness. Eight of the 18 folks on the Saturday team will have already learned the fight on the weekday team, bringing learned lessons and skill, which should help the Saturday team stay competitive in terms of bosses downed.

At the end of the official four weeks (there is an optional week during Xmas), we will evaluate and select the 25 top raiders for the Mythic Core team and then continue to offer Saturday Heroic raiding for anyone interested.

Raiding hours for the two teams:

Weekday Team
Tuesday (optional): 8:30 – 11:30 pm EST
Weds/Thurs: 8:30 – 11:30 pm EST

Weekend Team
Tuesday (optional): 8:30 – 11:30 pm EST
Saturday: 7:30 – 11:30 pm EST


Sick (DK)
Antril (Paladin)

Dank (RSham)
Boom (MW Monk)
Muanto (RDruid)
Jax (HPal)

Ranged DPS
Ada (Mage)
Ash (Hunter)
Bhakis (Warlock)
Blue (Warlock)
Deja (Mage)
Fleaz (SPriest)
Jae (unknown)
Shy (Mage)
Tokiro (SPriest)
Worg (Hunter)

Melee DPS
Disaster (DK)
Fou (E-Sham)
Ruhm (Rogue)
Sham (Warrior)
Urona (Rogue)
Vontart (DH)
Xarc (DK)


Zhar (DH)
Antril (Monk)

Dank (RSham)
Blue (HPal)
Dark (Disc Priest)
Sham (RDruid)

Ranged DPS
Ada (Hunter)
Ash (SPriest)
Amil (Warlock)
Bhakis (Warlock #2)
Dank (Boomkin)
Helsath (Mage)
Recruit (Warlock)

Melee DPS
Fail (Warrior)
Tyni (Warrior)
Solurias (Ret Pally)
Tokiro (DH)

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