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Resonance Statement on Sexual Aggression in WoW Community

Resonance Area 52
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We are all saddened and frustrated to hear about the sexual misconduct by JoshPriest of Method and by Bay of FinalBoss TV. What is just as frustrating is Method’s management’s “turn a blind eye” approach to the misconduct.

They should have known better.They should have acted with integrity. For anyone still stuck in the past, let there be no mistake: **you must get consent before engaging in sexual contact or using sexual language.** Period.

WoW has been a petri dish of misogyny, racism, and homophobia since its inception. We only have to look at general and trade chat to see the worst of humanity revealed. But times are changing… more people are bravely standing up and speaking out. Movie producers, politicians, and national news hosts have been toppled… and now the gaming community is catching on.

Resonance was built on the idea of a “safe space” for non-toxic gamers who can’t go super hardcore, but still want to push content. We stand with the hundreds of guilds who, in the last 24-48 hours, have publicly condemned the depravity that JoshPriest represents. It will never be allowed in Resonance and immediate action will be taken if a guild member infects our safe space. This includes sexual advances, inappropriate sexual language directed at an individual, racist or xenophobic slurs, homophobic or transphobic statements, and so on.

We joke and tease a lot and creating a “safe space” does not mean that you have to watch every word you say, but it does mean that if your gut is telling you that you shouldn’t say something… don’t say it. This happened to me during the raid on Thursday night. Someone set up the perfect joke… I was ready to launch it, but my gut was like “ummm, dude, you really wanna go there?” And I didn’t. Listen to your gut!

If you ever feel violated due to comments made in voice or because of whispers you have received, please know you have an ally in me and the leadership team. Let us know… take screenshots if you are able… so that we can take swift action.

And to any who might feel all this is overblown, please take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of someone totally different than you. What does it feel like to be a woman and have your body grabbed on a dance floor when you are out with friends? What does it feel like to cross a sidewalk and have someone throw a bottle at you and call you a fag? What does it feel like to be a black person whose heart starts racing and anxiety spikes every time you see a police car? Now consider what it is like to go through life where this happens over and over again… and that all it takes to fix it is for all of us to stop the behavior… to be better.

It’s only by going outside of ourselves and our own bubbles that we begin to experience empathy and compassion for those who, unnecessarily, bear a heavy burden due to factors completely out of their control.

I am so grateful we have not had these issues at Resonance. In every new raider interview (which lasts about an hour), we walk through our diversity policy and get a verbal agreement from applicants that they will respect all people (except Sonne, of course.) In nearly every case, the response is more than just a “yes, I agree”… most respond with a kind of “no duh, of course” statement, which really gives me hope that the world is finally changing for the better.

Thank you all for continuing to make this community a special, safe space for me and all of our diverse membership to escape the world we know for one that excites our imagination. Now, let’s protect it.

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