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What we learned in Uldir

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We went into Uldir strong and with a great deal of excitement. I would wager that most of our team feel Uldir was a pretty impressive first raid. Elevators and lasers, disinfecting chambers, and one of the best end bosses for a first raid we have seen in a while: G’huun. As with every expansion, there was a literal horde of returning players who stayed a couple months and then abandoned it again. Let’s be clear: BFA is not Legion. It has many flaws. But no one should be overly surprised to see raid teams struggling on progression in a first tier raid… people resubscribe, promise undying loyalty, and then bail on the game… it’s part of every expansion. The raid teams that persevered with progression were the ones who had built up a strong roster over many years and had a huge bench.

Our raid team at Resonance ended with 22 raiders after a small exodus of 6 throughout the tier. Not bad! But with our attempt to do mythic raiding on a one-day-a-week schedule and with the holidays, we were stuck. We got Mythic Zek’voz down to 3% and then didn’t raid again for several weeks due to several raid members (all part of a family) celebrating a birth, everyone’s holiday schedules, and my travel schedule. There is no doubt in my mind that with a two-day a week schedule and less holiday interference, we would have ended up at 5/8 or 6/8 Mythic.

In the interest of strengtheningĀ the long-term prospects of our team instead of short-term success, we brought in a number of players who have never mythic-raided before, but who we had personal relationships with. While some may feel that this hindered our progress, I would argue that it will benefit us in the months and years ahead. These aren’t the folks who bail on you after a hard week or two. And they have gotten better, week by week.

Key takeaways from our experience in BFA so far:

  • You can’t make progress in Mythic with one raid per week; and
  • We need to broaden our recruitment to casuals/ F&F so that there is more of a community feel when folks log on;

Now we head into Battle for Dazar’alor, rejuvenated after a couple of weeks of achievement runs (congrats everyone on your mounts.) We will be recruiting and working to build our roster up to 26-30 players so that the team continues despite real life interruptions. The show must go on!

See you all in-game soon!




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